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In February 2011, the Illinois Center for Nursing (ICN) with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (IL DCEO) convened the Illinois Healthcare Action Coalition. The Illinois Healthcare Action Coalition (IHAC) is charged with advancing The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action ™, a collaboration created by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the AARP Foundation http://chapionnursing.com. The campaign for action vision is that all Americans have access to high quality, patient-centered care in a healthcare system where nurses contribute as essential partners in achieving success. IONL and ANA-Illinois have now been added as nursing co-leads of the coalition.


1. Foster a well-educated workforce prepared to meet future healthcare demands

2. Advance inter-professional collaboration across the health spectrum

3. Practice to the full extent of their education and training

4. Strengthen leadership skills at all levels

5. Gather and generate data for program performance measure and outcomes to make informed decisions


Resources for You from IHAC


IHAC Structure

Four workgroups have been created to meet the aims of IHAC. These workgroups are: Education; Practice; Leadership and Collaboration. These workgroups will provide reports to the executive council (ICN & DCEO). Each group will have a convener which brings the volunteer participants together and schedules meetings. Each group will elect their own chairperson.

For IHAC’s Organizational Structure, click here.

Charge of Workgroups & Contact Information

If you are interested in signing up for one of the statewide workgroups, click here for form and forward to appropriate convener. Submit all completed forms to IHAC2013@gmail.com



Charge of the Workgroup



The Education Workgroup will prioritize recommendations for Illinois to develop a plan of action for nursing educational advancement.

Vicki Keough



Shari Banovic




The Practice Workgroup will identify and recommend strategies for all nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and training.

Karen Kelley (ANA-Illinois)




The Leadership Workgroup will develop and recommend strategies to prepare nurses for leadership positions across all levels of practice, education and research.

Sharon Rangel (IONL)



The Collaboration Workgroup will identify and foster modalities of interprofessional cooperation to forward the education, practice and leadership components of preparation for a diverse healthcare workforce.


Melinda Noonan





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