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Full Membership
$200 per calendar year

Individuals eligible to join as full members in the IONL are registered nurses currently in leadership positions in any patient care provider organizations or faculty positions in health care education agencies. Full members shall have full rights including but not limited to attending business and educational meetings, presenting motions, voting and holding office.

Graduate Student Membership
$50 per calendar year

Individuals eligible to join as graduate student members in the IONL must provide proof of student status as either a full- or part-time masters degree students in nursing administration, nursing/health systems management, health administration, public health, business administration, or health policy - or - a full-time student in a doctoral program. Graduate student memberships are available for a maximum of 5 years.
Acceptable proof of student status for IONL membership and registration include: copy of university/college/school ID card with valid semester marking; registrar/bursar receipt for current semester registration/charges; grade report from current semester; letter from university/college/school official verifying student status. 



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