What does being a member of IONL mean to you?

with IONL Past President Trish Anen RN, MBA, NEA-BC


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Full Membership

$200 per calendar year

Individuals eligible as full members in the IONL are registered nurses currently in leadership positions in any patient
care provider organizations, faculty positions in health care education agencies and graduate students in health care
leadership and management. Full members shall have full rights including but not limited to attending business and educational meetings, presenting motions, voting and holding office.

Member dues are $200.00 per calendar year, January - December. Dues for new members are pro-rated based on when you join.

A full member is a registered nurse who:

  • Has responsibility for management and/or leadership of the patient care process, or
  • Manages financial resources in health care, or
  • Manages and directs appropriate allocation and utilization of human resources in healthcare, or
  • Provides education and/or consultation to health care providers or consumers of healthcare or nursing students, or
  • Provides healthcare in an advanced and/or independent practice role, or
  • Designs, conducts, or evaluates research in healthcare, or
  • Conducts accreditation/licensing surveys of healthcare institutions, or
  • Publishes, edits, or authors for a healthcare publication, or
  • Provides leadership in regulatory and other nursing and health care organizations, or
  • Is past president of IONL, IONE, ICNM or AONE regardless of current work position.



Recent Graduate Membership

$100 per calendar year

Recent Graduate membership is for those who meet the qualifications for Full member but are within their first year following graduation. Recent Graduate membership is only available for one year and dues are pro-rated for new members based on join date.



Student Membership

$50 per calendar year

Students are encouraged to join IONL at a discounted annual rate of $50.00. Student memberships require proof of student status and are available for a maximum of 5 years. Applicants must be:

  • Full- or part-time doctoral or master's degree students across the nursing continuum.
  • Full- or part-time undergraduate students aspiring to obtain a future role across the nursing continuum.

Acceptable proof of student status for IONL membership and registration may include:

  • A copy of your University/College/School ID card with valid semester marking
  • Registrar/Bursar receipt for current semester registration/charges
  • Grade report from current semester
  • A letter from University/College/School official verifying student status

Please upload your proof of student students during online membership application, or email or fax proof of student status to / fax: 312.265.2908.



Honorary Membership


  • Honorary membership is reserved for distinguished members of the nursing profession who have made significant contribution to IONL.
  • The person shall be nominated by a full member. This nomination shall consist of a resolution to the Board for review and recommendation.
  • A candidate shall be approved by a majority vote of membership present and voting.
  • There will be no dues, no voting privileges nor rights to hold office.


Associate Membership

  • Former IONL, IONE, and ICNM members who have retired.
  • Full members who are unemployed after one membership renewal period. (This member may remain an associate member until re-employed.)
  • Associate members may attend business and educational meetings but will not be permitted to vote in the general meetings of the IONL, to vote for officers of the IONL, to chair IONL committees, nor to hold office, but may serve on a committee.
  • If you are retired or unemployed after one membership renewal period, contact for more information.


*All memberships run on the calendar year.
*Membership dues are pro-rated based on when you join. 
*Membership dues are individual, non-refundable, and non-transferable.


"I am excited to finally be a member; I have so much to learn as a new leader! My nursing career began at Rush University in the Rehabilitation Department, where I was a nursing assistant and staff nurse for about 8 years. I was then offered the interim position of Assistant Unit Director, and being new to the leadership world, was unsure if it was where I wanted my career to go. Having been exposed to IONL by colleagues who are members, I was inspired to continue my leadership role. A leader once told me 'Once you have a taste of leadership, you cannot go back'. It rings true to this day. I realize now more than ever how valuable an IONL membership is to a nursing leader and how it can help open so many more opportunities. I am now continuing my education in graduate school in a Clinical Nurse Leader program at Rush University."

-Raymond Ledda, BSN RN CRRN
Assistant Unit Director Rehab
Rush University Medical Center

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