Cara Marco
Cara Marco, RN, BSN
Manager of 2 South Med/Surg & House Supervisors
Morris Hospital and Healthcare Centers
Morris, Illinois
Member of IONL since 2013


Why did you become a member of IONL?

I was introduced to IONL by a previous mentor and leader of mine. She identified me a future nurse leader. I was eager to learn and grow, so I signed up for the Aspiring Nurse Leader Workshop. After that I was hooked!

What about the nursing profession interested you initially?

Initially, I became interested in the nursing profession for the same reason many of us do, to take care of and help others. It was always my nature to be the "caregiver" of the family, especially for my grandparents and great aunts/uncles.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Patient Rounding – there is never enough time in the day, but when I commit to doing it, talking with the patients reminds me why I went into nursing in the first place and why I continue to do what I do today.

Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do outside of work?

I am married to my high school sweetheart – married for 13 years and together for 16 years. We had our first little miracle baby in December of 2016. Whenever I am not at work, it is usually spending time with them. We love to be outside as much as we can be in the spring, summer, and fall months.

Both my husband Josh and I have a love for fitness and usually are involved in the local bodybuilding/fitness competitions.

I am in my very last class for completing my Masters with specialization in Nursing Administration and Management - Whew!

I am an active member of IONL and serve as the Region 2C Director on the board.

What benefits have you experienced since becoming a member of IONL?

IONL has helped push me toward the path of nursing leadership starting with the my very first Aspiring Nurse Leader Workshop. It motivated me to learn more and continue pursuing a nursing career in this direction.

My favorite benefit of IONL was the relationships and knowledge I gained from participating in the Illinois Nursing Leader Fellowship which provided me with leadership skills that are applicable daily in my work and a network of peers to collaborate with. The fellowship is a commitment of a year’s time, so you become close with the other fellows in your group.

Why would you encourage others to participate in IONL?

The time we spend together as nurse leaders is invaluable to the nursing profession. When we invest in our profession and building future nurse leaders, it improves patient care in the end. This is the root of why we do what we do. IONL has an amazing team of very experienced, forward thinking nurse leaders that can we can all learn from.

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