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Q. Who should attend the fellowship? I am an educator. Can I still apply?

Answer: By all means!  Educators and others in leadership roles will find value in this program as you enhance your personal skills which can be applied in the educational and other varied arenas.
Q. I work outside of the hospital, can I still apply?

Answer: Absolutely! Nurse leaders come from all areas of healthcare and nursing leadership will play an integral role in the design and development of healthcare for the future.

Q. My organization will only allow one person to attend the Fellowship. Is that OK?

Answer: One person from an organization may attend the fellowship. It is strongly recommended that two participants are sent from each organization to facilitate the development and implementation of the required project and improve teamwork skills.

Q. What if I cannot attend all four sessions?

Answer: One of the application requirements is the ability to attend all four sessions of the fellowship. Missing one or two classes will have an impact and you will miss valuable learning opportunities.

Q. Are hotel accommodations included in the registration fee?

Answer: No. You are responsible to make your own reservations. We will attempt to contract with local hotels for a discounted rate. But, making the reservations and payment responsibilities reside with you.

Q. Can my significant other attend the session with me? They are not a nurse.

Answer: No.Due to the confidential sharing discussions held, we do not open classes up to outsiders. "What happens at the Fellowship stays at the Fellowship."

Q. What if I am not selected for the program this year? Do I need to reapply?

Answer: Applications of eligible candidates who cannot be accommodated in the current program will be retained and prioritized for any future program.   

Q. Are there opportunities to stay involved with the fellowship after completing the program? 

Answer: Yes! One of the nominating criteria is the participant’s agreement to serve as a mentor to future attendees of the program.   

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