Jennifer Moore, BSN, RN
Jennifer Moore, BSN, RN
Vice-Chair Illinois NC-3 Committee, Rockford Memorial Hospital
Rockford, Illinois
Member of IONL since 2015

Why did you become a member of IONL?

I was very interested in IONL due to my involvement in our staffing effectiveness committee (acuity-based staffing program) at Rockford Memorial. We have been involved in the NC-3 calls, through IONL, since they began. It has been inspiring to see what other hospitals have done in their staffing committees. The ability to learn new things and network with individuals throughout the state is what drew me to join IONL.

What about the nursing profession interested you initially?

My grandmother was an ER nurse and I was always very intrigued by her stories as a nurse. I became a CNA my senior year of high school through a career tech program. In 2001, I began working as a CNA on the orthopedic post-surgical unit here at Rockford Memorial while I attended nursing school. I received my BSN from Saint Anthony College of Nursing 2004 and transitioned into the RN role on the same unit. I am on my 14th year here at RMH on the orthopedic post-surgical unit.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is the versatility and how my job changes from day to day. I am a charge RN, preceptor and staff RN; but I am also involved in hospital committees outside of my unit. I love that I can be a resource for the nurses on the unit when I am in charge and also take care of patients at the bedside. I also run our unit Incentive Committee that is in charge of collaborating community events, building staff morale, and giving staff recognition.

Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do outside of work?

I have two children who keep me busy outside of work. They are both very involved in sports, including softball, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, and go-kart racing. We love to travel when we get a little free time; one of our favorite places to go is Nashville. On my days off from the hospital I also substitute school nurse at the elementary school my kids attend, they love when it when mommy is the nurse for the day.

What benefits have you experienced since becoming a member of IONL?

I think that the networking part of IONL has been the greatest benefit. We do the NC-3 webinar each month and we bring our entire staffing effectiveness committee together for the webinar. We have learned so much through those conference calls that benefit our patients. Our staffing effectiveness committee is two hours each month: 1 hour for the NC-3 call then we follow the call with our committee meeting. This has kept our meetings consistent and we have gained involvement from every unit in the hospital. This is all driven from IONL and the NC-3 committee throughout the state. I am looking forward to the conference in September, the conferences always have great information and speakers and I like bringing the information back to my role. If you would like more information about NC-3 please contact Jennifer Grenier.

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